Hooded bunch tackles family in front of their kid

In a surprisng incident captured on CCTV, a group of hooded individuals unleashed a frenzied attack on a man and a woman along with a scared young child witnessing the scene.

The assailants were seated on a bench in Sidcup. They casually approached the family around 5 pm, who were approaching their vehicle. The attackers then launched a sudden assault.

The Metropolitan Police has initiated an investigation into this attack, marking yet another outbreak in London. The assailants were seemingly unprovoked. They assaulted the man and woman, leaving the young child helpless.

The CCTV footage reveals the ruthless assault. As the couple along with the youngster make their way to their vehicle, one of the hooded thugs approaches the guy and seems to strike him in the face.

The guy who was assaulted is then forced up against a store window by the second thug who has joined in. The person is then hit by three attackers in succession as he collapses to the ground, raining blows.

The woman attempts to intervene, but she too becomes a target of the attack, while the child watches in distress.

As the man tries to walk away from the camera, the wife attempts to once again to pull the assailants off the guy. Also, the child goes dangerously near to the brawl before collapsing to their knees.

The incident continues until an innocent passerby rushes up and pulls the young child away.

The Metropolitan Police spokesperson reported that they received a call about the brawl on 10 January.

The spokesperson said: “Police were called at about 17:05hrs on Wednesday, 10 January to reports of a fight on Halfway Street in Sidcup. Officers attended and were informed that a teenage girl had been punched in the face. There have been no arrests and enquiries continue.”