WATCH: Brawl breaks out between 49ers and Chiefs fans

In the aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs’ triumphant Super Bowl victory over the San Francisco 49ers, a disturbing scene unfolded within the confines of a Las Vegas casino, as fans from both teams engaged in a violent altercation.

Video footage circulating online depicts a confrontation involving a group of four individuals, comprising supporters of the Chiefs and the 49ers, on the floor of an unidentified casino. The footage captures the intensity of the moment, with one man ensnared in a headlock while being subjected to a sucker-punch, amidst attempts by others to intervene.

The exact catalyst for the altercation remains unclear, although reports indicate that tensions ignited mere moments after the conclusion of the game, which saw the Chiefs emerge victorious with a 25-22 triumph in overtime.

Interestingly, tensions seemed to simmer not only among fans but also spilled onto the field of play during the Super Bowl itself. Notably, Travis Kelce, a key figure for the Chiefs, displayed signs of frustration during the second quarter of the game, visibly expressing his discontent after being substituted by head coach Andy Reid.

Kelce’s outburst, marked by vocal protests and a physical encounter with Reid, underscored the heightened emotions surrounding the high-stakes encounter.

Despite the on-field tensions, Kelce later reconciled with Reid, exchanging gestures of affection that sought to defuse the situation. Both parties downplayed the incident, with Reid attributing his stumble to being caught off balance by Kelce’s actions, while Kelce expressed sentiments of admiration towards his coach.

As the dust settled on the field, the fervor surrounding the Super Bowl continued to reverberate, with Kelce reflecting on the Chiefs’ hard-fought victory and expressing confidence in the team’s collective resolve.

With his third Super Bowl ring secured alongside quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Kelce’s words echoed a sentiment of unwavering belief in the team’s abilities, reaffirming their status as a formidable force within the NFL.