WATCH: Punters clash and scrap as security stands idle

In a startling incident, chaos unfolded at Aintree racecourse as punters engaged in a violent brawl, throwing punches and kicks, while security guards seemingly stood by without intervention. The shocking scenes, captured during a ‘private event’ at the iconic Grand National venue, have garnered over two million views on X.

The footage reveals individuals in G4S-branded high-visibility jackets, appearing to observe the altercation without immediate action. A man in a grey top, attempting to quell the scuffle, gets struck in the face, highlighting the escalating violence. A second assailant joins, delivering a clean punch that causes the grey-clad individual to lose his footing.

The brawl spills into another area, where a man with a pint glass intervenes, and chaos ensues. A man in dark clothing kicks another in the stomach, while in the background, a figure in a light-colored jacket kneels on top of someone, throwing punches before attempting a kick.

Social media users expressed disdain for the incident, with one describing it as ‘shameful’ and another questioning the apparent inaction of security guards. Criticism escalated as some doubted the effectiveness of the security team, stating, ‘Cracking job done by the security guys in the yellow jackets – hope they didn’t get paid.’

Merseyside Police reported that the incident was not formally reported to them and had been handled by the security team. The Jockey Club, responsible for the venue, promptly responded, confirming the removal of those involved in the brawl. They emphasized their commitment to ensuring safe and enjoyable experiences, maintaining a strict zero-tolerance policy towards antisocial behavior.

The incident at Aintree racecourse raises concerns about the effectiveness of event security and the need for robust measures to prevent such altercations. MailOnline has reached out to G4S for comment on the incident.

As discussions unfold regarding the shocking brawl, the focus remains on maintaining safety and order at renowned sporting venues like Aintree, ensuring that visitors can enjoy events without compromising their well-being.