WATCH: Security guard skillfully subdues armed robber

A compelling security camera footage capturing a remarkable display of martial arts skills and composed restraint by a security guard during a robbery attempt has gone viral on social media. The incident unfolded on Torenstraat in Helmond in October, showcasing the security guard’s adept handling of a dangerous situation.

In the footage, a man, previously ejected from the store for intoxication, reappeared wearing a white long sleeve t-shirt and carrying a broken bottleneck. The vigilant security guard swiftly took action, delivering a powerful kick to the man’s stomach upon entry.

Undeterred, the man retaliated, initiating a physical altercation. Despite facing a potentially grave danger, the security guard showcased remarkable agility, skillfully evading every attempted slash. Demonstrating not only defensive prowess but also offensive capabilities, the guard landed a forceful right hand on the man’s face, causing him to collapse.

The guard’s precision didn’t end there; he continued with well-directed punches to the man’s head and knees to his body. Despite the intense scuffle, the security guard displayed commendable restraint, ensuring the robber’s incapacitation without inflicting unnecessary harm.

Following the altercation, the subdued robber, a 34-year-old man, was pinned to the ground by the guard, who promptly instructed a colleague to contact the police. The assailant, suffering injuries to his hands from the broken bottle, was subsequently arrested and transported to the hospital. The security guard also sustained minor injuries to his hand.

The 34-year-old suspect now faces legal consequences, with charges of attempted manslaughter and attempted serious abuse. The security guard’s adept handling of the situation, coupled with his ability to maintain composure and avoid unnecessary harm, has garnered widespread attention online, commending his courage and skill in the face of potential danger.