WATCH: UFC’s BMF Gaethje grapples club security

Justin Gaethje recently secured a victory against Dustin Poirier in the main event of UFC 291, held in Salt Lake City, earning the infamous “BMF” belt.

Gaethje, known as “The Highlight,” avenged a previous loss to Poirier in 2018 and won the fight with a second-round head kick.

The victory marked a redemption for Gaethje, who called the opportunity to rematch “rare.”

Gaethje’s performance showcased his aggressive and destructive fighting style, consistent with his reputation in the MMA world.

He had previously faced setbacks in his UFC career, but losses, particularly against Poirier, contributed to his evolution as a more strategic guy.

Gaethje’s transformation was evident in his recent outings, culminating in his knockout victory against Poirier.

Perhaps this new found infamy influenced netizens to resurface an old clip in which Gaethje is seen playfully grappling a security guard at a club.

Gaethje comes from a wrestling background, but nowadays prefers to strike and models his style in order to secure the biggest compensation possible from the UFC.

In tthe clip we can observe Gaethje grappling a visibly bigger guy. The two are at a club lounge, with Gaethje having a head control on the bigger man.

The guard isn’t a complete novice, and makes an attempt to sweep Gaethje, however he uses the wrestling maxim “where the head goes the body follows” to smother this attempt.

From there, he’s quick to duck under and secure the double underhooks, one of the most dominant positions you can get in wrestling. He’s clearly taking it easy on the guy, and it backfires as the guy attempts to break his hand connection.

McGregor has been challenging Gaethje ever since he acquired the BMF title and is even on his hitlist. Over the weekend he expressed desire to clash with Gaethje after rumored December Chandler date, but that’s unclear for now.

As for Gaethje, while he’d welcome the payday, he’s not eager to face someone who is clearly still on PEDs:

 “I like to fight big fights, so it sounds pretty exciting to me. I’m not gonna fight someone on ster0ids,” said Gaethje. “I’ve never taken ster0ids in my life, never will … and I don’t want to fight someone that’s cheating. And I probably shouldn’t say that if I want the fight, but it’s the truth.”