WATCH: This is why you shouldn’t mess with girls that do Muay Thai

A recent incident in Pattaya, Thailand, involving a group of individuals attempting to mess with locals, took an unexpected turn when Muay Thai techniques came into play. The incident, originally shared on reddit, showcased an altercation where several women, believed to have Muay Thai skills, defended themselves against a disruptive individual.

The post, now removed by moderators, sparked a debate among users regarding the authenticity of Muay Thai techniques displayed in the video. Some questioned the legitimacy, while others affirmed that the women demonstrated basic Muay Thai moves.

One user, claiming to be a certified teacher with knowledge of Thai culture, clarified a specific technique, highlighting the significance of “ถีบข้าง” (teep kang), a sidekick in Muay Thai. The discussion escalated into a debate about martial arts representation.

Amid the back-and-forth, another user humorously suggested that the incident might be better described as “pad zee ew” or “thick thigh,” adding a lighthearted twist to the conversation.

The altercation involved a drunk individual harassing bar staff, leading to a physical confrontation. The video, reportedly over 15 years old, circulated on Pattaya’s Walking road. Notably, a ladyboy, recognized as Pang, intervened with Muay Thai kicks to resolve the situation.

While opinions on the proficiency of the techniques varied, the incident highlights the prevalence of Muay Thai in Thai culture and its unexpected application in real-life situations. Whether the women were trained Muay Thai practitioners or not, the altercation showcased a unique blend of self-defense and cultural elements.