When a female Judoka pinned down a thief who snatched her phone

A video captured shows a remarkable display of bravery as a skilled judo practitioner swiftly immobilized a phone thief with a powerful submission hold right on the bustling streets of Manaus, Brazil.

In a gripping scene captured earlier this year, an unnamed woman adept in judo techniques takes immediate action against a thief who dared to snatch her phone.

Reports indicate that the incident occurred as the woman was waiting for a ride share cab, and the opportunistic thief seized her phone and fled. However, the determined judoka was not to be outdone. She pursued the thief with unyielding resolve and managed to apprehend him.

With impressive mastery of her judo skills, the woman employed a rear choke hold, a classic martial arts move, to subdue the suspect effectively. This skillful maneuver allowed her to maintain control over the suspect until the arrival of law enforcement.

In a video capturing the awe-inspiring scene, the woman remains composed as she holds the subdued suspect in a neck lock. Her poised demeanor stands in stark contrast to the chaos that preceded this moment.

Upon the police’s arrival, the suspect is handcuffed, and the woman gracefully stands up, visibly expressing her disdain as she nudges the suspect away. The surrounding crowd responds with applause and cheers, recognizing her heroic act.

This event is reminiscent of previous instances in Brazil where adept female martial artists have intervened to thwart thieves.

In 2018, a similar incident involved Sabrina Leites, a young woman skilled in Jiu-Jitsu, who immobilized a mugger with an arm-bar, preventing his escape until police arrived. Leites’ courageous actions earned her widespread recognition and admiration.

These instances underscore the power of martial arts techniques in real-life situations. The application of these skills not only prevents crimes but also showcases the strength and capability of individuals who dedicate themselves to mastering these disciplines.