WATCH: Heavyweights let them Hands Fly in Texas

In an eyebrow raising scene reminiscent of an action-packed Hollywood movie, a Texas establishment recently witnessed an all-out scrap that left patrons stunned and with hair (among other parts) flying. If you’re ready for some hair-raising action, check out the video– viewer discretion advised.

The Hair-Pulling Begins as the video starts. Two women in the foreground have each other by the hair and try to get a few punches in before slipping and falling to the ground. From here, it becomes clear that there are several other women involved in the scrap, all holding on to each other’s hair for dear life.

As the camera pans around, it’s evident that most of the women tire quickly, with only a few scrappers holding their ground. Two of the participants even stop to take a quick nap between rounds. It’s hard to tell how many rounds there were, but it’s clear that this was an intense and wild scrap.

Is it a wardrobe malfunction? While it’s debatable whether this scrap technically constitutes as a reason for plenty of wardrobe malfunctioning. It’s definitely not a sight for the faint-hearted. The video ends with the scrappers still entangled in each other’s hair, so we can only imagine what happened next.

While scraps are never a pleasant sight, this Texas scrapwas something else entirely. From hair-pulling to face-punching, these ladies gave it their all in an epic battle that left viewers with bulging eyes.