WATCH: New York Road rage incident gets physical and goes viral

In a recent incident in the bustling Hudson Valley region of New York, a minor road rage situation between two men unfolded into a physical altercation.

The dramatic confrontation occurred at a red light on the Route 17 off-ramp at the Route 211 intersection in Wallkill, as captured in a video footage. The two drivers were waiting impatiently and abandoned their vehicles to engage in a heated fistfight right there on the road.

The shorter of the two combatants made the first move, pushing his opponent forcefully into the concrete divider before delivering a punch to the taller man. This exchange was only the beginning.

Both men briefly separated before the taller one aggressively charged back, exchanging multiple swings toward each other’s faces.

The scuffle didn’t confine itself to the traffic light; it spilled over into the left lane of the road. The two started brawling in front of a parked Toyota. The reasons behind the confrontation remain unknown.

According to News 12, the Town of Wallkill Police had not received any calls or reports related to the altercation on February 1.

The entire incident was captured on video and quickly went viral, garnering over 22,000 views. Comments on the video ranged from humorous observations to comparisons with video game scenes.

Some of the comments were as follows:

“Nah someone go get ya dads, they fighting in traffic in Middletown right now.”

“That old man throwing them bows.”

“They could have stayed in the car for all that.”

“This looks like some s**t out of GTA.”

The absence of official statements leaves room for speculation about what triggered this unexpected clash on the busy intersection.

This incident isn’t an isolated one; it adds to a growing trend of road rage incidents going viral in New York. In a similar occurrence in December, a car crash on a Long Island highway escalated into a large-scale brawl as individuals started wielding wooden sticks.