WATCH: Pants fly off during neighborhood scrap


A scrap between two Scottish neighbors in Greenock, near Glasgow, ended in a hilarious and embarrassing tumble that was caught on camera by a resident, Stewart McLean. In this article, we will dive into the details of the scrap, how it escalated, and the reactions from the online community.

On a Monday evening, Stewart heard an exchange between two female neighbors and quickly whipped out his camera to capture the bizarre moment that followed. In the video, one woman can be seen marching towards the other, holding a bucket of water, while the other defiantly charges towards her neighbor wearing a grey dressing gown.

The two women shout at each other, and the one holding the bucket attempts to dump it over her opponent, but fails miserably, spilling most of the water on the pavement.


The watery dumping triggers a fist scrap between the two women, who grapple with one another, pushing and shoving.

In the midst of the scrap, the woman with the grey dressing gown has her pants around her ankles, stumbling around before falling to the ground with her legs up in the air, revealing her entire bare bottom. Meanwhile, her opponent scrambles up in an attempt to gain the advantage, and the scrap ends in a farcical tumble into a garden.


After uploading the footage of the scrap onto social media, the video quickly went viral, receiving over 1,700 likes and more than 3,300 comments from users left creasing at the pair’s scrap.

While some viewers found the scrap humorous, others were disgusted by the display. One user, Alan Hewitt, commented, “Keep it classy ladies,” while another, Irene Struthers, said, “Omg this is the most embarrassing thing I’ve seen in a long time, absolutely shocking.”