WATCH: Parents scrap at Colorado youth baseball game after questionable call by 13-year-old umpire

A youth baseball game in Lakewood, Colorado took a surprising turn when a scrap erupted among parents in attendance. The incident, caught on camera, resulted in serious repercussions and police are now searching for at least one parent involved in the altercation.


The game, which involved 7-year-old children, was supposed to be a celebration of good sportsmanship. However, as reported by ABC News, tensions between parents flared up and resulted in a staggering display of poor sportsmanship.


The scrap occurred on the field at Westgate Elementary School after a call made by the 13-year-old umpire. In the video, one man can be seen approaching another from behind and throwing his arm around him. This action triggers a response from nearly half a dozen parents who rush to the fence and start throwing punches.

As the parents scrap, their children are left vulnerable and exposed to harm. In the chaos, a man in a white shirt and teal pants is seen grabbing another man’s shirt and throwing punches at him. As other parents join in the action, the man in the white shirt and teal pants delivers a sucker punch, knocking his opponent to the ground.


The incident has resulted in serious repercussion and police are now appealing to the public for help in identifying the man in the teal shorts, who is seen multiple times throughout the video. It is a sad reminder of how a youth baseball game can go wrong when parents lose sight of the true spirit of the game.


Youth baseball game in Lakewood, Colorado is a reminder that sports should be enjoyed in the spirit of good sportsmanship. Parents and guardians should set a positive example for children, and remember that their behavior can influence the attitudes and actions of young people.