WATCH: Team ground and pound highlights why everyone should be wary

Having a conflict is a part of living. In many ways it’s in human nature to have conflicts and to try and resolve them. Sadly, not all conflicts can be resolved peacefully.

And even worse, sometimes on lookers won’t let a conflict resolve with a one on one confrontation and instead escalate it.

While it’s in human nature to get carried away this is wildly frowned upon. A video that recently viral showcases a situation like this.

Two young men can be seen grappling to resolve a dispute. They’re on a grassy surface, preventing some of the harsher consequences of an unregulated conflict. A crowd of onlookers appears to be recording the duel.

Very quickly we realize that the young man on the bottom has quite a bit of BJJ training under his belt.

He successfully sets up an armbar but instead of getting the finish he just ties up his opponent. While this wouldn’t be an issue generally, at this point crowd gets tagged in and starts tag teaming the unfortunate young man.

UFC vet/BJJ Coach Tom Deblass frowned upon their behavior noting:

“It’s gross that c*wards like this actually feel cool after pulling some 🗑 like this.

It seems like the bottom kid trains. I hope if he does his instructor sees this. If one of my students did this or was part of this I’d be absolutely furious.”