WATCH: Manager throws employee to ground after firing

A coffee shop manager forcefully throws his female employee to the ground after terminating her employment. Recovering from a job loss can be a challenging experience, often testing an individual’s composure. Unfortunately, in this case, the fired woman couldn’t restrain herself from engaging in a physical confrontation while exiting the premises.

The dramatic encounter unfolded at an airport coffee shop, turning an ordinary day into a scene of distressing violence. Before leaving, the terminated employee repeatedly demanded the return of her personal belongings, emphatically asserting, “”I need my stuff! Give me my stuff!”” Determined to retrieve her items, she attempted to navigate her way to the back area of the store.

Regrettably, her manager responded by aggressively pushing her back, displaying excessive force that ultimately led to her being thrown to the ground. The altercation escalated further as the woman fought back, resorting to punches, slaps, and even grabbing items within the store to wield against her manager.

Despite facing considerable resistance, she managed to leap over the counter and reach her jacket in the back area. Nevertheless, many viewers questioned the fairness of the manager’s use of physical action. Commenters expressed their disapproval, stating, “”Instead of resorting to rough handling, they should have simply handed over her bag… Disappointing.””

The incident could have likely been diffused earlier had the manager chosen not to resort to aggression. It should be noted, however, that the manager did issue a warning about involving the police. Nevertheless, law enforcement did not arrive before the woman retrieved her belongings and departed.

Witnessing such distressing events reminds us of the importance of handling conflicts in a civilized and nonviolent manner, especially in professional settings. It is crucial for employers and employees alike to prioritize respectful communication and find peaceful resolutions to workplace disputes.