BJJ guy handles a real world conflict with ease

There’s always a question of superiority when it comes to applying martial arts in a real life scenario. And the biggest conversation starter is that there is no one perfect answer. The truth is there are many things one should be aware of and pick his battles carefully.

And even than, outside variables and even luck play a role.

But it’s safe to say Jiu-jitsu is near the top when it comes to answering that question.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) has become one of the most popular martial arts in the United States since its introduction in the late 1980s. This grappling-based martial art emphasizes ground fighting and submission holds, making it an effective self-defense system that relies on technique and leverage rather than brute strength.

BJJ is often called “the gentle art” because it prioritizes technique and leverage over physical power. Unlike other martial arts that rely on striking, BJJ focuses on controlling an opponent on the ground, using submissions to grind action to a halt.

One of the benefits of practicing BJJ is that it is a great way to stay physically fit while learning practical self-defense skills. Because BJJ requires patience, skill, and strategy to be successful, practitioners often develop a strong sense of discipline and mental fortitude.

BJJ is a sport that rewards technical proficiency and strategy. In BJJ competitions, competitors are divided by weight class and skill level, allowing practitioners to compete against others of similar ability.

One of the reasons that BJJ has become so popular in recent years is its effectiveness in mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions. BJJ is one of the key disciplines used by MMA pros, and its focus on ground techniques and submission holds makes it a formidable tool in the cage.

A video that recently went viral provides the perfect example. For starters, BJJ is unlikely to cause permanent harm that will land you in debt, in jail or in trouble with your conscience.

We can see a a dispute in an underground parking lot is already on by the time video starts. The cameraman rushes to capture the action.

We can see a BJJ guy grab onto a guillotine and neutralize offensive wrestling . He isn’t able to get a tight guillotine so he then switches to armbar. This isn’t exactly most street savvy technique but luckily his opponent is reactive as opposed to countering.

He’s able to use armbar leverage to sweep and end up in top position.

The opponent seems reluctant to let the conflict subside so he gets back up and re-engages at which point he’s once again outclassed thanks to some bread and butter BJJ techniques.

The BJJ student is able to once again effortlessly control the opponent on the ground and assert his dominance.