Man tries to physically confront a woman – and it backfires hilariously

While men have physical advantages over women there are seldom any sports where that’s more obvious than mixed martial arts. From grappling to striking exchanges it’s impossible to match two professionals of different genders.

However if the skill levels are vastly different, it’s a whole other story. A trained woman is able to withstand quite an assault from a man of her size and stature if she puts in time and effort. This is why self defense seminars are still a relevant topic in the space.

An incident in France recently demonstrated this effectively. We can see the man confront a black woman in the street. The man seems aggravated and is otherwise of similar stature. The man appears to square up and back the woman into the building wall behind her.

She seems determined to defuse the conflict at first. But he approaches her throwing a superman punch which luckily landed straight into the wall next to her head.

She is trying to maintain distance with her leg and to push off the assailant. However once he tries to use her braids to slam her head into concrete streets she changes strategies opting to go for a takedown instead.

She’s quick to secure a double leg hold on the man and we can see his whole posture shift in a second realizing he’s now in trouble.

Despite the strikes he’s trying to counter she lifts him off the ground and successfully slams him into the street. He somewhat recovers thanks to not landing on his head or back.

We can see her try to grapple him next. She quickly settles for a mount variation and only once in dominant position settles for striking. He’s quickly subdued and forced to defend himself.

When she starts going overboard an onlooker interferes and leads her away. The man is then seen recovering from the incident.