WATCH: Disruptive Passenger Grappled and Escorted off Ryanair Flight

On a routine flight, chaos erupted when a group of men, suspected to have been intoxicated, began harassing female passengers on the Ryanair flight heading to Lanzarote. As the situation escalated, a steward’s intervention inadvertently led to him being knocked over, prompting the captain to issue a stern warning over the intercom. It was made clear that disruptive behavior would not be tolerated, and any continuation would result in the diversion of the flight to Portugal.

To the astonishment of passengers aboard the flight, Faro airport in Portugal became the unexpected landing site. Dozens of Portuguese police officers swiftly boarded the aircraft and successfully carried out the removal of the misbehaving passenger. A fellow passenger who documented the shocking scenes shared, “”The man voluntarily exited the plane initially, but inexplicably re-boarded, subsequently being wrestled into a headlock by the authorities.””

In the video footage captured inside the cabin, smartphones were raised as witnesses observed the intense struggle between the defiant passenger and the officers. In an attempt to regain control, the police employed a headlock to subdue him, while another officer securely gripped his arm, guiding him towards the exit. Passengers, eager to put an end to the disturbance, expressed their support by cheerfully encouraging the authorities and applauding.

The situation took an unexpected turn as the disruptive passenger was taken away by local police. The incident did not end with the removal of this particular individual—several others involved were also sanctioned for their behavior. Witnesses were left shaken by the troubling events that transpired during what was supposed to be a routine flight.

Following the necessary intervention, the Ryanair flight was able to resume its journey to Lanzarote, albeit with a short delay. While official comments from Portuguese authorities are still pending, reliable inside sources confirm that all individuals involved in the incident were of British nationality.

The flight diversion and subsequent removal of the unruly passenger were met with necessary action to ensure the safety and comfort of the remaining passengers. Ryanair issued an apology to those affected, assuring them that their onward journey would be organized with minimal delays.