Watch: Man Executes Jorge Masvidal’s Flying Knee on Las Vegas Cop

In an incident captured on video, a man executed UFC star Jorge Masvidal’s iconic flying knee move on a Las Vegas police officer. The video, which quickly went viral on social media, shows the man emulating Masvidal’s signature move during a clash with the officer.

The footage begins with a confrontation between the unidentified man and the Las Vegas cop, who is seen on the ground attempting to rise. Seizing the opportunity, the man performs Jorge Masvidal’s renowned flying knee, although its impact falls short of Masvidal’s historic knockout of Ben Askren. Additional officers intervene and manage to subdue the man, showcasing the unique situation where Masvidal’s move is replicated in an unexpected context.

Jorge Masvidal gained fame for his career-defining flying knee knockout of Ben Askren, becoming a PPV star despite never holding a UFC championship. The video recalls Masvidal’s legendary moment between his victories over Darren Till and Nate Diaz in 2019, which earned him the BMF belt.

Despite his initial success, Masvidal has faced setbacks in recent years, with losses to Kamaru Usman, Colby Covington, and Gilbert Burns. Following his defeat to Burns at UFC 287, Masvidal announced his retirement from MMA but hinted at a potential comeback in boxing in early 2024 during an ESPN MMA interview.

The MMA community on social media reacted strongly to the video, acknowledging the skill involved in executing Masvidal’s flying knee. However, opinions were divided on the appropriateness of using such a move against law enforcement personnel. The incident sparked discussions about the popularity of Masvidal’s signature technique and its influence even in unconventional situations.