WATCH: Bodybuilder that challenged Mighty Mouse tries BJJ and gets tossed like a bag of flour

The fitness landscape witnessed a clash of realms as bodybuilder Bradley Martyn ventured into the world of mixed martial arts challenging some of its seasoned practitioners. Renowned for his sculpted physique and viral fitness content, Martyn’s curiosity led him to question MMA stars.

Bradley Martyn decided to expand his horizons through a series of challenges. This intriguing endeavor piqued the interest of both his followers and the MMA community, as he posed the question of whether he could overcome skilled fighters in an unconventional scenario.

One of the athletes who responded to Martyn’s challenge was Demetrious “Mighty Mouse” Johnson, a former UFC flyweight champion with a formidable record. Johnson openly expressed his intentions during an appearance on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.

In an animated statement, Johnson outlined his plan for a potential showdown with Martyn: “In an MMA fight, I’m aiming for a targeted strike to your liver. I welcome your spear tackle because it brings you within my range. Once in my clinch, I’ll utilize my elbows and grappling expertise. Remember how Shane lifted Francis Ngannou? I’ll use that technique, leveraging my weight and hip control. I may weigh 150 pounds, but my skills and strategy surpass sheer size.”

With confidence, Johnson asserted, “Even if you weighed 260 pounds, my technique empowers me to lift and control, neutralizing your advantage. While the challenge started as lighthearted fun, it’s now become significant. The confrontation is inevitable, and I eagerly anticipate it. The next step is charting a path for this encounter.”

The narrative of Martyn’s face-off with Johnson was initiated during a conversation with former fighter Brendan Schaub. Drawing from his fighting experience, Schaub cautioned Martyn that facing one of the sport’s luminaries was an invitation to defeat. However, Martyn remained steadfast, believing that his substantial physical size alone would suffice to contend with Johnson.

Johnson, who boasts an impressive UFC career highlighted by an unprecedented 11 consecutive flyweight title defenses, expressed his desire to confront Martyn and quash the speculative discourse surrounding their potential clash.

Martyn did in fact try his hand at BJJ a while ago – and it didn’t go too well. It should be noted that he picked a team of suitable opponents while Mighty Mouse is roughly half his size.