WATCH: Devils fan launches HEADBUTT at Rangers supporter before ejection

In a thrilling Rangers-Devils game in Newark last Thursday, there was a fierce crowd outburst. One New Jersey fan was spotted headbutting a Blue Shirt supporter before being expelled.

The Rangers were ahead 2-0 and going on to win 5-1. The incident took place in the opening period.

An altercation erupted in one of the lower sections at Prudential Center. A Devils fan sporting Jack Hughes’ replica No. 86 jersey engaged in a heated argument with another man.

Amidst the action, two additional fans intervened in an attempt to defuse the situation and restore order. Unfortunately, the attempt to calm the escalating tensions was in vain.

The Devils supporter then threw a headbutt over the stairs railing as someone off-screen yelled, “beat his a**.” It’s unclear whether he connected, but the Rangers fan eventually fell backwards due to a barrage of punches.

Despite security’s efforts to separate them, the Rangers fan retaliated with a right cross of his own.

The struggle continued, but the railing acted as a barrier. This facilitated the eventual separation by security. Surprisingly, only the Devils fan faced ejection which left spectators bewildered.

“I didn’t start s***,” the man said as he was led to the staircase and out of the building.

A voice then shouts “Go home, buddy, go home,” from off-screen.

Though the game was at home for the Devils, a significant Rangers presence heightened tensions.

In an unfortunate turn of events, Rangers’ 6-foot-7 rookie Matt Rempe faced ejection for a controversial hit on the Devils’ Nathan Bastian. The hit left Bastian with a head injury and a bloody nose, prompting teammate Jonas Siegenthaler to challenge Rempe to a brawl.

Just seconds into his NHL debut, Rempe engaged in a brawl with Islanders bruiser Matt Martin in front of 80,000 spectators at MetLife earlier this week.

Martin and Rempe lined up opposite each other for a faceoff less than ninety-nine seconds into the Empire State rivalry game. The scuffle lasted around thirty seconds, during which time neither of them used gloves while throwing blows.