WATCH: Streamer gets sucker punched in Tokyo

Twitch streamer LoncheDeHuevito faced an unprovoked attack on the stroll in Tokyo, Japan, as an unidentified stranger sucker-punched him, leaving the streamer bloodied. The incident occurred while LoncheDeHuevito was exploring Japan late at night, capturing the unpredictability of IRL (In Real Life) streams.

Despite the recent trend of Twitch streamers traveling to Japan for more wholesome content, this incident sheds light on the risks associated with live-streaming in public spaces. LoncheDeHuevito joins the list of streamers facing on-stream incidents, following the controversial actions of Johnny Somali, who made headlines for legal troubles during his time in Japan.

The clip shows LoncheDeHuevito minding his own business when he was swiftly punched in the face by an unidentified assailant. The violence was abrupt and seemingly unprovoked, resulting in the streamer using a translator on his phone to seek directions to the police station. However, LoncheDeHuevito claimed that the police offered minimal assistance in addressing the situation.

Following the altercation, the streamer had to wash the blood from his nose, although he appeared to avoid severe injuries. LoncheDeHuevito shared the incident on social media, expressing frustration about the lack of police intervention.

The clip gained attention on the Tokyo subreddit, where some residents speculated that the attacker might have been a “Tout,” a term used for scammers in Japan. Redditors suggested that scammers, often involved in illegal activities like selling bootleg clothing or extorting tourists, dislike being filmed and can become confrontational, especially when live-streamed.

While the motivations behind the attack remain unclear, the incident serves as a stark reminder of the unpredictable nature of IRL streams and the potential risks that streamers face when broadcasting their experiences in public spaces. As the video circulates online, discussions around streamer safety and the challenges of live-streaming in unfamiliar environments have gained prominence within the Twitch community.