Erberth Santos allegedly admitted to crime spree after arrest for a series of rapes and roberies

Erberth Santos is in a world of trouble following an arrest in Brazil.

Erberth Santos was introduced to jiu-jitsu at age 9 by his sister’s boyfriend. He started training after visiting a local social project. Despite coach Freitas being a blue belt, he pushed Erberth to compete.

He achieved success in state and national level competitions. Previously he was expelled from the academy due to incidents with teammates.

Santos competed internationally from 2014 as a brown belt. Santos became a BJJ world champion in 2017 but has been unable to repeat the success since.

Following more team turmoil he joined Almeida Jiu Jitsu’s Academy, linked to Atos JJ affiliation.

Two individuals, identified as André Pessoa and Erberth Santos, have been apprehended on Thursday (August 24) in Boituva, São Paulo, accused of committing multiple cases of assault and robbery in various cities of Mato Grosso do Sul, where they were set to participate in a jiu-jitsu event.

According to reports from the campograndenews, four female victims of the crimes reported the incidents to the police. The assaults occurred with force, involving restraints, physical aggression, and threats.

As law enforcement delved into the case, it was revealed that both suspects held international recognition in the field. One of the athletes boasts a three-time world championship title, along with Pan-American, European, and Brazilian championships in jiu-jitsu.

The duo traveled through Aquidauana, Miranda, Corumbá, Campo Grande, and Três Lagoas in Mato Grosso do Sul, where the crimes were committed. Collaborating with São Paulo’s Military Police, the authorities located the perpetrators in Boituva.

The search yielded 26 stolen mobile phones, including those taken from the victims of the assaults. Both suspects confessed to the crimes.

In their assault endeavors, the grapplers reportedly carried knives and firearms, as recounted by the victims. André Pessoa is believed to be from Amazonas and had previously been expelled from a training center for theft. Erberth Santos, hailing from Roraima, is noted to have a history of police encounters.

Caught on camera – the ncident took place when a 24-year-old escort was raped and robbed by two suspects armed with a knife and pistol. The encounter was arranged through an escort website, and the victim was assaulted at her residence, shared with five other friends, in Três Lagoas.

In an interview with a local news outlet, the victim detailed how she had agreed to meet one of the suspects via a dating website. The suspect arrived at her residence accompanied by a friend.

“He messaged me on the website, asked if I was available, I said I was, he requested my location, and within ten minutes, he was at my doorstep. However, he mentioned that his friend would be the one accompanying me,” she explained.

The situation initially appeared normal, as the victim and the man entered her room. During their intimate encounter, the man revealed a concealed knife, escalating the situation.

“At first, I thought he was just a client, but he had malicious intentions. He had a knife, and I didn’t react, didn’t engage much with him, acted normally to prevent any harm,” she recalled. After the encounter, as they left the room, the victim noticed the second suspect restraining her friends in another part of the residence.

“I thought everything was fine outside, but when I left the room, his friend was already restraining my friends in the room, he hit them hard and robbed them of everything,” she said.

Security footage from within the house captured the suspects moving around the premises, taking various items. In one scene, the victim is seen arguing with one of the suspects. The video reveals the suspects holding a knife and firearm.

The criminals fled the scene with seven mobile phones and R$ 1,200. The Military Police were called in, and the victim and her friends were taken to the police station to provide statements. The victim, deeply affected by the incident, called for justice.

“I’m devastated, I don’t know what to do, I never imagined this. This can’t be his first time doing this, so he must be held accountable, I just want justice,” she concluded. The case was registered as assault and robbery at the Community Service Police Station (Depac) in Três Lagoas.