When a UFC Star took on ‘GS9 Crips’ members on the sidewalk

UFC featherweight sensation, Jared Gordon, has shared gripping footage of a run in in Queens, New York, an incident that almost cost him three fingers. Months after experiencing a setback in his winning streak in February, Gordon took to Twitter to reveal CCTV footage of the encounter, offering insights into his lackluster performance at UFC FN 126.

While standing with two friends on a Queens sidewalk, Gordon found himself in a confrontation with two men, believed to be associated with the ‘GS9 Crips’ gang. The CCTV footage captures the tense moment as one member initiates the attack.

Not one to shy away from a challenge, Gordon promptly abandons his coffee and confronts the aggressor. In his own words, “That’s when I jumped him. We all started fighting.” The skirmish intensifies as Gordon’s friend engages with the other combatant, leading to a chaotic scene where they inadvertently collide with a storefront window, causing it to shatter.

As onlookers intervene, the brawl gradually subsides, but not without consequences for Gordon. Images shared on Twitter showcase the extent of damage to his fingers, serving as a testament to the intensity of the brawl.

Undeterred by the ordeal, Gordon courageously stepped back into the octagon just a few months later to face Carlos Diego Ferreira. Remarkably, he refrains from using the near-loss of three fingers as an excuse for his previous defeat, emphasizing his commitment to avoiding excuses.

Gordon’s resilience in the face of adversity reflects the true spirit of a UFC warrior. This episode adds another layer to his narrative, showcasing not only his skills in the octagon but also his valor on the unpredictable pavements of New York. As Gordon continues his journey in the UFC, fans can anticipate more captivating moments from this determined featherweight fighter.