Coaches let Number 23 catch a vicious beat down for costing them a spot in the Softball finals

There’s plenty of ways to resolve a dispute but sometimes our feelings get the best of us. This appears to be the case in a recent video that went viral.

The video capturesĀ  a moment tied to a Softball final – and as with many sport situations, the emotions were running high.

The two participants in the video are the two female members of the softball team. The players were still wearing their unifroms and clearly more than a little peeved about their athletic prospects.

The players brawling wear jerseys 3 and 23.

From the get go, ‘3’ is displeased with her teammate, so much so that she blasts her into the concrete with an inept takedown attempt.

She appears to have some grappling fundamentals and is quick to try and take the back. But once her opponent goes belly down that seems out of the question, and she opts for the female classic of hair grabbing and ground and pound.

’23’ attempts to recover and get up. The spectators can be heard urging other spectators to stay away from the incident and let the two resolve it themselves.

‘3’ seems livid and is really riding that hair control for all it’s worth for much of the viral clip. She even goes so far as to use it to land a kick. This is one of the must see clips if you’re trying to convince someone to take a self defense class.

Hair grabs are commonly covered in most curriculums and are not nearly as hard to get out of – if you know what you’re doing.

The complacency of the coaches and parents watching really leaves us wondering as to how the situation got to be this bad.

Once the two land on the ground once a gain, crowd is quick to intervene and even tries to summon the assailant away from the victim, having seen enough.

This is a classic case where a tiny bit of jiu-jitsu can go a long way.