WATCH: Australia Day beach brawl between young men goes viral

Australia Day celebrations in Perth took a dark turn when a festive boat gathering near Swan River escalated into a violent brawl. The incident was captured on video.

The altercation happened on Friday and included more than 20 boats at Rocky Bay near Mosman Park.

As the revelers anchored their boats together to create a lively atmosphere, a dispute erupted among a group of young men. This set off a chain of events that turned celebratory vibes into a chaotic scene.

The shared video on social media paints a grim picture, showcasing shirtless men engaged in a melee. Revelers can be seen scurrying toward one another while pushing a guy into the sea.

Some of the participants seem to trample on others, even when they’re immersed under water.

While the video gained thousands of views, social media commenters chose a somewhat lighthearted approach. They attributed the skirmish to the influence of alcohol and the fervor of celebrations. Some users took the opportunity to inject humor into the situation, reflecting a mixed sentiment online.

Some of the comments were as follows:

One user wrote: “Can’t handle a couple of beers.”

Another wroteL “It ain’t Australia Day without a bit of a bust up.”

A third user wrote: “Where are the bull sharks when you need ’em.”

As the incident gained attention, Western Australia Police were contacted for comment, raising concerns about the safety and security of such gatherings. The aftermath of the brawl poses questions about the need for better enforcement and control measures during public celebrations.

In a separate incident on Australia Day, chaos ensued at Manly Wharf in Sydney. The incident involved as many as fifty teenagers. The situation escalated to the point of police intervention and multiple arrests.

A large group of teenagers engaged in a heated argument, leading to a confrontation with the authorities. The incident started around 4 pm and witnessed police chasing after the teens. The police used pepper spray in an attempt to restore order at one of Australia’s iconic beaches.

NSW Police responded to the brawl at Manly Wharf, arresting three male teenagers. These individuals were taken to Manly Police station to assist with inquiries.