WATCH: Massive scrap breaks out on ski slope

A chaotic scene unfolded at Lee Canyon ski area, just an hour’s drive from the Las Vegas Strip, as a massive brawl erupted when a group of snowboarders allegedly cut the lift line, leaving astonished bystanders frozen with fear. The incident, captured on video and shared on social media, showcases a violent clash at the summit of a hill in Lee Canyon ski area.

The tension escalated when a group of teenagers repeatedly cut a designated ‘single’ lift line, intended for solo riders to expedite their ascent. A snowboarder outside the group confronted them, leading to a heated exchange throughout the journey up the mountain.

As the confrontation intensified, the snowboarders blocked the chairlift exit, causing a cascade of riders behind them to fall and struggle to disengage from the lift. The video, posted on social media, has garnered over 800,000 views and hundreds of comments, sparking widespread discussion.

Lee Canyon General Manager, Dan Hooper, clarified that the brawl occurred on January 13, and the resort has taken swift action by revoking passes of those involved. The resort is actively collaborating with law enforcement in an ongoing investigation.

According to reports on Reddit, the group of teenagers had been cutting the singles line multiple times throughout the day. Witnesses describe a shouting match on the chairlift, escalating into a physical altercation captured in the viral video.

The footage shows a snowboarder in a light purple jacket being punched in the face by another individual dressed in black. The situation quickly devolves into a violent melee, obstructing the chairlift exit and creating chaos on the slope.

Social media users weighed in on the incident, with some expressing the opinion that those blocking the exit deserved the altercation. The resort, located approximately an hour from the Las Vegas Strip, has three chairlifts and 27 trails.

While the resort investigates the incident in collaboration with law enforcement, Lee Canyon maintains a zero-tolerance policy against illegal or disruptive conduct. Individuals found violating this policy face consequences, including the termination of season passes and the loss of future access to the resort.

As of the latest update, no charges or arrests have been made against the individuals involved in the brawl. The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining order and respecting rules in recreational spaces to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors.