WATCH: Moment women’s basketball game descends into a brawl

In a dramatic turn of events, a women’s basketball showdown between the Michigan Wolverines and the Maryland Terrapins transformed into a physical altercation. This brought the game to an abrupt halt. The event unfolded at the Crisler Center in Ann Arbor on Wednesday night.

As the clock ticked down with less than four minutes remaining in the third quarter, Michigan’s Lauren Hansen and Maryland’s Bri McDaniel found themselves entangled in a fierce battle for possession of a loose ball. The dispute quickly escalated into a physical altercation, catching the attention of both spectators and referees.

Despite the referee’s attempts to intervene by blowing the whistle, the players persisted in their tussle. The situation spiraled out of control.

Slow-motion analysis revealed that the Michigan player is winning the ball, while the Maryland player looks unbalanced since her arm is caught in her hold.

The Maryland player uses her free hand to shove the Michigan player backward in the head and shoulder region as she tries to release her arm. Reacting to the shove, the Michigan player dropped the ball. She retaliated with a left punch, narrowly missing its mark.

The Maryland player then drew back, and the referee held her back just as she was about to deliver a right blow. The Michigan athlete then delivered a last blow to her Maryland opponent.

The culmination of the altercation resulted in technical fouls for both players, leading to them being sent off. Teammates from both sides intervened, attempting to separate the two players. A referee escorted McDaniel to the sideline.

Despite the disruptions, Michigan went on to secure a victory against Maryland. They ended up winning by a score of 79-77 win in overtime. The aftermath left both teams reflecting on the unexpected turn of events.

Maryland coach Brenda Frese expressed her surprise at the turn of events. She said: “I thought [the ejection] was going to motivate us. But it didn’t really rally us in any way. I thought Michigan was just a lot more inspired [after the ejections].”