WATCH: Scrap ends with the duo hugging it out, embodying the spirit of Christmas

A chaotic brawl unfolded outside Corellis Cafe Gallery in Newtown, Sydney, with participants wielding cafe chairs in a heated altercation. The unexpected turn of events, where the brawl transformed into an embrace, has caught the attention of many, with onlookers attributing the surprising end to the ‘Christmas spirit.’

Shocking footage captured the brawl involving at least nine men in a busy area. A bystander recorded the incident, showcasing a confrontation between a shirtless man and another individual in a white shirt. As friends attempted to intervene and separate the two, tensions escalated.

The man in the white shirt, forced to seek refuge in the cafe’s seating area, faced punches from his opponents. In a defensive move, he grabbed a chair and swung it, prompting his opponents to retreat. The confrontation seemed to conclude as the first group walked away, but a shirtless man lingered, continuing to shout at the man in the white shirt.

An unexpected twist occurred when the shirtless man, after being initially pulled away by a friend, suddenly elbowed his companion and returned to confront the man in the white shirt. The two engaged in a shouting match before a turn saw them embrace each other, bringing an end to the physical altercation.

The video of the incident was shared on Instagram, where it garnered hundreds of views. The caption humorously referred to the unexpected turn as a “South king moment” and an “enemies to friends moment.”

Social media users joined in the light-hearted commentary, interpreting the surprise ending as an embodiment of the ‘Christmas spirit.’ Comments on the post playfully remarked on the heartwarming nature of the unexpected resolution, with one user dubbing it a “beautifully heartwarming Christmas short film.”

The footage highlights how even in the midst of intense altercations, moments of unexpected unity can emerge, leaving witnesses amused and reflecting on the spirit of goodwill, especially during the festive season.