WATCH: Uruguay Butcher Shop Owner Fights Off Gun-Wielding Thief with a Water Bottle

In a startling incident in Juan Lacaze, Uruguay, a butcher shop owner exhibited remarkable bravery as he fought off a gun-wielding thief with only a water bottle, even after being shot in the arm. The dramatic confrontation, caught on video, showcases the owner’s determination to thwart the robbery attempt.

The assailant entered the butcher shop, demanding money from the owner who was behind the register. Unfazed, the owner courageously informed the gunman twice that he had nothing to give. In response, the thief fired two shots, with one hitting the owner on the left arm, and the other striking the glass of a meat case.

Undeterred by the gunshot wounds, the butcher shop owner attempted to disarm the assailant, leading to a scuffle. The video captures the thief retreating momentarily but returning to the store to further threaten the owner. In a surprising turn of events, the owner, facing the armed gunman, hurled a water bottle that struck the door, creating a diversion.

The courageous act seemingly disrupted the assailant’s intentions, as he aimed the gun but refrained from firing. It remains unclear whether the weapon malfunctioned or if the gunman chose not to shoot.

Local police in the province of Colonia initiated a manhunt for the armed thief, but as of Wednesday, no arrests had been reported.

This incident echoes a similar display of bravery by an electronics store owner in Argentina, who confronted armed thieves, disarmed one of them, and successfully thwarted a robbery attempt.

The resilience and courage exhibited by small business owners in the face of danger highlight their determination to protect their livelihoods and defy criminals, showcasing the strength of the community against such threats.