WATCH: Youths clash in front of Secret service headquarters

A disturbing video has emerged, capturing a brawl near MI6 headquarters on the Albert Embankment near Vauxhall tube station. The incident unfolded on the evening of December 22, as a young man in a white tee shirt found himself under attack by a group of youths.

In the 44-second video shared on social media, the victim attempts to defend himself against the sustained attacks. The brawl takes place just yards away from the Secret Intelligence Service HQ, the iconic MI6 building associated with the fictional secret agent James Bond.

The footage depicts a chaotic scene as the victim, wearing a white tee shirt, is set upon by several young men, some of whom are filming the altercation. A second man in a white tee shirt is seen kneeing the victim, who valiantly tries to get back against the mob. Additional assailants, one in a red hoodie and another in a black jacket, join the attack, kicking and punching the victim.

As the victim struggles on the ground, he manages to kick one of his assailants twice. The intense altercation continues, with the man getting back on his feet only to be knocked down again. Moments later, he rises once more, eventually escaping towards the MI6 headquarters building.

The video captures the scenes, with several bystanders filming the incident on their mobile phones. Witness reactions on social media express disbelief at the audacity of such a violent confrontation taking place in front of one of the most secure buildings in the country.

The Met Police has been approached for comment regarding the incident. This occurrence adds to previous security concerns, as in July, a car was rammed into a crowd of youths outside MI6 HQ.

The unsettling video raises questions about the security and public safety near high-profile government and intelligence buildings, emphasizing the need for increased vigilance in such areas.