Angry customer throws a cash register through the window because he didn’t get a refund

A disgruntled customer in California took his anger to extreme levels when he believed Wingstop had made mistakes with his chicken wing order not once, but twice.

In a video that went viral on TikTok, the unidentified man can be seen forcefully throwing the cash register through the window of a Wingstop location in Antelope after his request for a refund was denied.

The video, shared by Tharon Trujillo a while back, captures the enraged customer ripping the cash register off the counter and slamming it on the ground multiple times before hurling it out of the window. The man’s frustration is evident as he expresses his discontent with the situation, stating that he doesn’t want the food and doesn’t have time to wait for it to be remade.

In response, an employee tries to diffuse the situation, suggesting that the customer could have the food remade and continue with his day, while urging him to refrain from yelling at the manager. However, the man remains defiant, seizing the cash register and forcefully discarding it out of the window before swiftly leaving the establishment.

According to the Wingstop manager interviewed by KOVR, the customer claimed that he was missing wings from his order and demanded a refund. However, the manager clarified that company policy does not allow refunds for online orders. Tharon Trujillo, who witnessed the incident, shared that the irate customer had complained about receiving the wrong order on two separate occasions.

The video footage, which censors the man’s expletives, showcases the intensity of the confrontation. Both employees and witnesses were left shocked by the customer’s destructive outburst. Trujillo mentioned that he tried to intervene and calm the situation, urging the customer to consider the consequences of his actions.

The cost of the man’s alleged order and the amount he sought to be refunded remains unclear. Wingstop’s online ordering system indicates that a large 10-piece wing combo at the Antelope store costs $14.19, providing a reference point for potential reimbursement. reached out to Wingstop for additional details and comments.

Unfortunately for the furious customer, his act of vandalism may come with significant financial consequences. The store manager revealed that replacing the broken cash register would cost approximately $6,000, and a quote is pending for repairing the damaged window. Vandalism exceeding $950 in damages is considered a felony by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, prompting the potential issuance of a felony warrant.

The Wingstop location is in the process of filing a police report regarding the incident. Fortunately, no injuries were reported during the altercation. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of managing frustrations in a respectful and non-destructive manner, as well as the potential legal consequences of one’s actions.