Dillon Danis Claims He Would Submit Islam Makhachev and Makes Bold Bet with NELK Boys

Dillon Danis, a prominent name in the MMA realm, continues to command attention despite his absence from the competitive arena since 2019 when he last competed under the Bellator banner. Undeterred by his hiatus, Danis remains dedicated to stirring up the MMA community with his characteristic trolling.

Known for his extravagant declarations about his grappling prowess and fighting capabilities, Danis recently engaged in a conversation with the NELK Boys. In an astonishing proclamation, he asserted his ability to defeat the reigning UFC lightweight champion, Islam Makhachev, a claim that left the NELK Boys astounded.

In the conversation, Danis also drew attention to current UFC heavyweight champion Jon Jones, a fighter he has consistently claimed he could best in a fight. Speaking specifically about Makhachev, Danis asserted:

“I might kill Islam. I think he doesn’t make it past two rounds with me, man. One hundred percent.”


When met with skepticism, Danis further challenged:

“How much you wanna bet, when we have our fight, 50K I submit him.”

Embracing the challenge, the NELK Boys accepted the high-stakes wager, expressing unwavering confidence in Makhachev’s dominance. Meanwhile, Danis did not shy away from expressing his confidence in a hypothetical clash with Jon Jones:

“I’d kill Jon Jones too.”

Despite these bold assertions, Danis shows no signs of making a return to MMA. Instead, he has shifted his focus towards influencer boxing, transitioning to a different aspect of combat sports.

Interaction Between Dillon Danis and Islam Makhachev

Dillon Danis played a pivotal role in Conor McGregor’s corner during the monumental UFC 229 showdown against undefeated lightweight legend Khabib Nurmagomedov. Regrettably, the event ended on a contentious note for Straight Blast Gym Ireland.

In addition to McGregor’s fourth-round submission loss after a dominant performance by Khabib Nurmagomedov, post-fight chaos erupted. Following his victory, Khabib scaled the cage and engaged in a brawl, during which he targeted Dillon Danis. Amid the melee, Islam Makhachev delivered a punch to Danis’ head.

The brawl marked a tumultuous conclusion to a UFC pay-per-view event and serves as a stark reminder of the intensity that can develop between rival fighters, transcending the confines of the octagon.