Cheapskate that gives a low tip gets wrecked by the front desk

There are many staples of self defense but one must see lesson is on hair grabbing. This is especially pertinent to females as they often have much more hair.

Overnight a video went viral. The video depicts a member of hotel staff in a conflict with a customer.

While the initial caption was cheeky and detailed something about lack of tips – we were unable to verify any of that.

And while there are legitimate lessons as to how to rid yourself of someone controlling you by your hair, none of these viral stars seem to be aware of it.

In fact in this video a lot of the action is centered around a weave. Once the assailant is able to pull it completely out that was game over. At that point the other party was infuriated and seemingly had nothing to lose.

She opted to crowd her assailant and clinch her to the wall. Luckily her wrestling skills were lacking so the two were wall wrestling a while.

The wall wrestling would only end once bystanders intervened. And there we can see another common scenario in MMA – strikes when the clinch is broken up. This is as good of an opportunity as any to surprise your opponent though possibly not with a front kick.

All things considered this was a solid display of a front kick – even though it seemed to misjudge the distance.

The two ended up in a conflict that would only get resolved once the assailant was able to go to a back room and jam the doors from the inside, and prevent the other party from coming in.

This is another good lesson in why martial arts are a substantial part of life and why familiarizing yourself with these types of scenarios is crucial to thrive in everyday life.