WATCH: Judo throw and knee on belly by security guard

In a recent incident, a bouncer exhibited remarkable martial arts prowess by swiftly incapacitating a belligerent individual. Employing a flawless judo technique, he skillfully tossed the man aside, promptly immobilizing him with a precise knee on belly.

Judo, often overlooked in the realm of captivating combat sports, emerges as an unparalleled choice for self-defense. Its emphasis on throws and takedowns leverages an assailant’s energy and balance, swiftly neutralizing potential threats. Globally practiced, judo has earned its reputation as an effective martial art.

A video circulating on social media has captured the attention of viewers, spotlighting the practicality of judo in real-world situations. The footage depicts a confrontation involving a security guard and an evidently out of it individual. The cause of the altercation remains unknown, but it swiftly escalated into a vigorous brawl.

The incident unfolded on a nocturnal street, amidst a crowd of onlookers. The bare-chested, agitated individual charged at the security guard with clear intentions of instigating a physical confrontation. Unfazed, the guard maintained composure, deftly evading the incoming punches. Seizing the opportune moment, he harnessed the assailant’s momentum to execute a precise osoto gari throw.

Osoto gari, among the arsenal of 67 judo throws, involves tackling an opponent’s leg while simultaneously forcing their neck or chest towards the ground. In a street brawl scenario, this maneuver holds the potential for severe consequences, as it can lead to the opponent’s head impacting the ground.

Remarkably, the security guard executed the throw with finesse, ensuring the bare-chested individual’s safety by preventing a harsh impact on the unforgiving pavement. Subsequently, with the individual on the ground, the security guard applied controlled pressure with his knee to restrain him.

Despite the heated circumstances, the shirtless individual remained physically unharmed, yet persistently aggressive. Attempting to retaliate proved futile, as the security guard maintained a firm grip on his hands. Assertively, the guard urged bystanders to refrain from intervening, successfully de-escalating the situation. Regrettably, the video concluded abruptly, leaving the resolution to the imagination.