Kick streamer KOs woman in Jack Doherty stream

A recent man vs woman Kick showdown orchestrated by Jack Doherty and HeelMike left viewers surprised as a woman wearing an OnlyFans outfit found herself knocked out.

Since the launch of the site, kick streams have created some of the wildest video available online. This recent broadcast of a fight club was no different.

The collaboration between Jack Doherty and HeelMike has led to the creation of extremely weird videos. Mike was even suspended for having oral sex during a broadcast.

On January 28, the anticipation peaked as former boxer and streamer Maki95 agreed to face off against DonPatrik. HeelMike proudly dubbed the event as Kick’s “first-ever man vs woman boxing fight.”

The match was everything except professional, with DonPatrik landing blows throughout the introductions.

Moments later, the Kick stream took an unexpected turn as DonPatrik landed shots to Maki’s behind. Surprisingly, she absorbed the blows before retaliating with a flying knee.

The two eventually began throwing haymakers, resulting in Maki being knocked down a few times and the referee having to intervene to stop any further punishment.

Nevertheless, Maki was determined to go on. This impressed Jack Doherty and HeelMike, who encouraged everyone in chat to follow her as she “deserved it.”

After the match, Maki shared her sentiments on X. She revealed: “I was very drunk and I didn’t wanna cause any pain to anyone so I just took the hits but I don’t like what happened last night I felt like I was really exposed”

This incident is not the first time a Kick stream has faced backlash. In January, an Adin Ross boxing broadcast drew criticism after a combatant was brutally knocked out.

In the ever-evolving world of Kick streams, unpredictability reigns supreme. This man vs woman showdown will undoubtedly go down as one of the most unconventional and talked-about moments in the platform’s history.