Former UFC champion challenges rival to a grappling match after scathing exchange

The feud between light heavyweights Alex Pereira and Anthony Smith has escalated with a frosty exchange on Twitter, intensifying their ongoing rivalry.

The war of words between the two has been brewing over the past week, initiated by Smith’s assertion that Pereira no longer possesses the menacing aura he exuded in the middleweight division. Responding to Smith’s comments, the Brazilian didn’t hold back, hinting at a Brazilian jiu-jitsu showdown.

Alex Pereira took to Twitter, sharing a cleverly photoshopped image accompanied by the caption:
“Date: Whenever he has courage.”

Anthony Smith, fresh off a victory against Ryan Spann, swiftly responded to the tweet with a concise yet intriguing statement:
“Send location.”

While the prospect of a submission grappling matchup seems uncertain, the possibility of the two adversaries clashing inside the octagon looms larger. This comes despite the fact that Alex Pereira appears poised to contend for the vacant UFC light heavyweight championship.

Alex Pereira Dismisses Anthony Smith’s Critique: Labels Him a ‘Washed-Up Vet’
Anthony Smith’s remarks regarding Alex Pereira’s transition to the light heavyweight division didn’t sit well with the Brazilian fighter. Despite Pereira’s triumph over former 205-pound champion Jan Blachowicz, Smith downplayed his credibility as a genuine threat.

In response, Pereira used his YouTube channel as a platform to counter Smith’s comments, dubbing him a ‘washed-up vet’. He pointed out that the negative opinions typically stem from fighters who haven’t achieved much in their careers. Pereira expressed:

“He’s just a bitter man. The only ones who speak badly about me are Anthony Smith types. Washed-up vets who never amounted to anything, who are still fighting, they’re in a really tight spot, or the guy who is still a nobody, but those who are already doing well, I don’t see them talking about me. It’s just the ones who are beneath me.”