WATCH: MMA ref oblivious to submission, lets action continue

In a thrilling showcase of emerging talent, Texas-based MMA promotion Fury FC (FFC) held its highly anticipated Fury Challenge Series 6 event on September 1 at the Moody Gardens Convention Center in Galveston, Texas. While featuring predominantly local up-and-coming mixed martial artists, this event proved to be a captivating spectacle for combat sports enthusiasts.

Among the standout moments of the evening was a lightweight showdown on the main card between CJ Dismore and Isaias Pereira, both making their professional MMA debuts. Despite their limited experience, CJ Dismore displayed remarkable promise, armed with a formidable Brazilian jiu-jitsu skillset.

Dismore’s performance began with a display of striking prowess, engaging in fierce exchanges with Pereira. As the first round progressed, Dismore strategically shifted his focus towards his Brazilian jiu-jitsu proficiency, making several attempts to take Pereira down.

In the midst of a swift exchange during the opening round, Dismore executed a successful takedown, immediately transitioning into a tight guillotine. Pereira found himself ensnared in the submission hold with limited room to maneuver. Despite his valiant effort to resist tapping, Pereira gradually succumbed as his awareness faded.

Dismore continued to apply pressure, expertly flipping Pereira’s body while maintaining the submission, causing Pereira’s neck to bend unnaturally. In a last-ditch effort, Pereira signaled his submission, but it was too late. The referee promptly intervened, signaling Dismore’s victory via first-round submission.

The remarkable sequence from this debut match quickly gained traction on social media, with fans commending Dismore for his impressive skills. Some observers even noted how Pereira’s neck appeared to be under immense strain during the decisive maneuver.

The MMA community was abuzz with praise:

“Holy smokes! The hip toss to the guillotine was perfectly transitioned.”

“Got a minute, it looked like he legit ripped his head off!”

“Yeah, that was intense.”

CJ Dismore’s execution of the nasty guillotine choke not only marked an unforgettable debut but also underscored the promise of his future in the sport.