UFC Paris Highlights: Farid Basharat arm triangles opponent

In a thrilling showdown at UFC Paris, undefeated prospect Farid Basharat showcased his talent by securing his first UFC finish with a submission victory over Brazilian Muay Thai specialist Kleydson Rodrigues.

Farid Basharat, following in the footsteps of his also-undefeated brother Javid, entered the bantamweight division with a well-rounded and effective fighting style, making them both promising contenders in the highly competitive weight class. However, his opponent, Kleydson Rodrigues, was no pushover, despite moving up to bantamweight for the first time in the promotion after two consecutive weight misses.

The fight kicked off with Kleydson unleashing powerful kicks, prompting Farid to respond with a takedown attempt. Rodrigues demonstrated solid sprawl defense, but his attempt to take Basharat’s back proved to be a mistake. Farid skillfully blocked it with his hand and executed a successful single-leg takedown. Farid then settled into half guard, applying pressure on Kleydson’s chin and working to advance to a dominant mount position.

After about half a minute, Farid achieved the full mount, maintaining a low and heavy top position. When he decided to posture up slightly, Kleydson’s explosiveness allowed him to buck and create a clinch situation. Rodrigues managed to land a knee, but Farid swiftly countered with another takedown. Although he absorbed some elbows on the way down, Farid once again secured the top half position.

This time, Basharat unleashed a flurry of ground and pound, with his heavy blows finding their mark. Rodrigues retaliated with some elbows of his own, but lacking leverage from his back, they lacked power. In a sudden and fluid motion, Farid escaped the half guard and locked in a head-and-arm submission. Rodrigues attempted to defend by adopting the “phone booth” defense, but Farid’s impressive and powerful squeeze left him with no choice but to tap out.

Farid Basharat’s victory thrilled the Parisian crowd and kept the Basharat brothers’ combined undefeated record intact at UFC Paris. With this win, Farid Basharat announced his arrival in the UFC with style.

Official Result: Farid Basharat def. Kleydson Rodrigues by Submission (arm triangle), Round 1, 4:15