WATCH: Dillon Danis rolls with streamer Adin Ross and cautions on dangers of his lifestyle

Dillon Danis submitted popular YouTube personality Adin Ross during a jiu-jitsu training session in New York. This intense encounter occurred as part of a livestream ahead of Danis’ upcoming boxing match against Logan Paul.

Despite Danis’ status as a black belt in jiu-jitsu, he has gained notoriety for his social media antics rather than his in-cage performances over the past four years. However, Ross, a top streamer for Kick, quickly learned the true extent of Danis’ grappling expertise.

The fateful training session began innocently enough, with Ross and Danis engaging in a light training session. Ross attempted to challenge Danis to a game of mercy, where he bent back his opponent’s fingers, but this proved to be a fruitless endeavor.

The dramatic moment occurred when Ross found himself ensnared in a hold that left his arm in a perilous position, teetering on the verge of breaking. Danis, in a playful manner, asked Ross to predict him as the winner in his bout against Paul. Overwhelmed and trapped, Ross readily agreed. Danis added an amusing twist by suggesting that Ross should also predict a victory over Logan’s more accomplished younger brother, Jake Paul. Only then did he release his grip.

Despite the tension and fear of injury, Danis ensured Ross’s safety, allowing him to experience a RNC and gain a deeper understanding of the sport’s nature.

Throughout the session, Danis lightheartedly teased Ross, claiming to know Ross’ sister and inquiring about fellow gamer N3on. He even expressed his fondness for Ross, suggesting that he would have upped the intensity of the session had N3on been involved, given the latter’s confident online persona.

The two also engaged in a boxing session, with Danis permitting Ross to freely strike him in the body and head. Danis absorbed the blows effortlessly, refraining from counterattacks to avoid revealing too much of his boxing skills to Paul, who had not witnessed Danis’ boxing prowess before.