WATCH: Bare knuckle MMA match ends in heel hook after 13s

An MMA athlete secured a remarkable submission victory over his opponent in a mere 13 seconds.

Mixed martial artsĀ  has long captured the hearts of combat sports enthusiasts for its thrilling unpredictability. The sport’s diversity of styles and techniques adds an element of surprise to every match, ranging from technical exchanges to electrifying knockouts. While quick knockouts are not uncommon, swift submissions in MMA are a rarity, as athletes cannot rely on chance when attempting to force their opponents into submission.

However, a recent MMA event, the Gamebred Bareknuckle MMA, witnessed an extraordinary display of dominance as an athlete secured a lightning-fast submission victory in the opening round.

This astonishing moment unfolded in Jacksonville, Florida, on September 8, where stars engaged in bare-knuckle MMA matches, eschewing the traditional padded gloves.

The rapid submission transpired during a main card bout featuring Juan Alvarez and Christopher Wingate. As soon as the bell signaled the commencement of the match, both engaged in a fierce exchange of strikes. Alvarez, with impeccable timing, executed a leg kick that sent Wingate tumbling to the canvas.

With a relentless ground-and-pound attack, Alvarez initially seemed to be on the path to victory. However, he swiftly altered his strategy, opting to apply a tight heel hook instead. In a matter of moments, Wingate conceded defeat by tapping out, sealing Alvarez’s victory in an astonishingly brief 13 seconds during the first round.

It is worth noting that, while quick submissions are not entirely unheard of, they often occur in smaller promotions where there can be a significant disparity in skill levels. In the UFC, a premier MMA organization, the record for the fastest submission victory belongs to former women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

During her title defense against Cat Zingano in 2015, Rousey astounded the world by locking in an armbar and forcing Zingano to submit in a mere 14 seconds, a testament to her exceptional grappling skills.