UFC 293: Australian star dislocates elbow in textbook grappling exchange

In a dramatic turn of events at UFC 293, Chepe Mariscal secured a victory over Jack Jenkins, albeit through an unexpected twist of fate—an injury that led to a verbal submission. This encounter between the two featherweights took an unforeseen and unfortunate turn.

Jack Jenkins had been on a promising trajectory in his UFC career, having triumphed in his first two bouts. Entering UFC 293, he was eager to maintain his winning streak after making the leap to the promotion as part of the 2022 Contender Series. On the other side of the octagon stood Chepe Mariscal, a fellow featherweight with experience in LFA , bringing his own aspirations to the event.

The atmosphere inside the arena was electrifying as the local favorite, Jack Jenkins, made his entrance. The match began with Jenkins showcasing his striking prowess, targeting his opponent’s body with an array of kicks. He escalated his assault, causing visible damage to his adversary’s eye. However, Chepe Mariscal remained resolute, retaliating with impactful strikes of his own, refusing to back down.

The narrative shifted in the second round, with Mariscal gaining momentum. He dominated Jenkins against the cage, employing a combination of knee strikes and body shots that wore down his opponent for a significant portion of the round. The turning point arrived as Mariscal attempted a unique hip toss takedown, inadvertently leading to a dislocated elbow for Jenkins. The severity of the injury forced Jenkins to verbally submit, signaling his inability to continue.

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With this victory, “Machine Gun” Mariscal extended his winning streak to five, further solidifying his presence in the featherweight division. On the other hand, Jack Jenkins departed Sydney with not only his first UFC defeat but also the disappointment of an injury-induced submission loss.

Official Result: Chepe Mariscal defeats Jack Jenkins by verbal submission (due to injury) in Round 2, at 3:19.