UFC 293: Volkov finishes Tuivasa with the Ezekiel submission

In a heavyweight showdown at UFC 293, Alexander Volkov left the MMA world astonished with a unique and scarcely-seen Ezekiel  submission, securing victory over Tai Tuivasa. This captivating clash between heavyweights had fans on the edge of their seats.

Russian giant Alexander Volkov, who had been hovering around the UFC heavyweight title scene for years, entered this contest riding the momentum of two consecutive wins against formidable opponents Jair Rozenstruik and Alexandr Romanov. On the other side of the octagon, Tai Tuivasa was determined to break free from a two bout losing streak and make a statement.

The early moments of the round 1witnessed Tuivasa attempting to close the distance on the towering Volkov. However, a brief pause in the action occurred due to a glancing low blow, halting the intensity for a moment. Upon resumption, Tuivasa unleashed his striking, but Volkov had a significant reach advantage that played a pivotal role. Volkov seized the opportunity when he caught a Tuivasa kick and countered with a powerful right hand that sent Tuivasa crashing to the canvas.

As the action progressed, Tuivasa displayed signs of damage, and Volkov initiated a skillful combination attack, targeting both the body and head of his opponent. While Tuivasa utilized leg kicks, Volkov responded with devastating leg kicks of his own, exerting more force. In the final minute of the round, Tuivasa was hurt by a right hand, prompting Volkov to attempt a standing guillotine. Moments later, Volkov unleashed a head kick, though it grazed Tuivasa.

The closing moments of the round witnessed Volkov delivering another effective combination, leaving Tuivasa in a defensive shell.

Encouraged by his corner, Tuivasa aggressively targeted Volkov’s legs in the second round. His swift and powerful low kicks left Volkov temporarily hobbled, creating an opportunity for Tuivasa to engage at close range. The crowd rallied behind Tuivasa, providing an electric atmosphere. Despite this, Volkov managed to land a significant combination. Tuivasa briefly hit the canvas after absorbing a right hand and slipping, though it wasn’t ruled a knockdown.

Volkov capitalized on the situation, moving to a dominant mount position while inflicting ground and pound damage. Volkov then attempted an arm-triangle choke, but it didn’t secure the victory.

Undeterred, Volkov intensified his striking assault, prompting Tuivasa to give up his back in an attempt to evade the onslaught. Despite the dire situation, “Bam Bam” displayed remarkable resilience and managed to survive, eventually returning to his back. However, what followed was truly extraordinary—a rarely-seen Ezekiel.

Volkov executed the submission maneuver reminiscent of Alexei Oleinik, leaving Tuivasa with no choice but to submit. The tap came, and the bout was over.

Official Result: Alexander Volkov defeats Tai Tuivasa by submission (Ezekiel choke) in Round 2, at 4:37.