NAGA releases guidelines for trans participation in grappling competitions following viral video

Earlier we reported on the case of a trans participant in the female division of a competition. In a true viral moment, trans participant was defeated by a biological woman who is smaller in stature.

Naturally, it’s likely this clash happened in the absolute division. But what many don’t realize is that women compete in these conditions way more often than not. ADCC infamously has the ‘above 66kg’ division (145lbs)  – and this opened the doors for Gabi Garcia to become one of the most celebrated competitors in the female category.

In the fall out from the viral video release, NAGA released their own guidelines for trans participation.

  NAGA released a Transgender Athlete Policy focused on fairness and inclusivity. Transgender female competitors are introduced to biological females in their division.

All participants in the same weight class/skill level must agree to compete together. If some biological females decline, they can compete in their regular division.

An optional separate division is offered for those uncomfortable competing with transgender females. If discomfort or objections arise during the tournament, matches may be paused. Transgender competitors are encouraged to contact NAGA before the event to discuss the policy.

The specific sentence applying to this case:
“We ask that transgender competitors contact NAGA via email ([email protected]) prior to the tournament in which they are competing so we can go through this policy with them. NAGA has been informed about the presence of transgender females in advance by instructors/competitors who are in the same division. If identification occurs after matches have started, we will halt the division and follow the aforementioned process before resuming matches.”

The way this is worded leads to believe that this was a case that surprised the powers that be.

But in our own coverage, we’ve mentioned that Fallon Fox medaled years earlier at NAGA, in the female division and was using it to corroborate her claims that there are no biological advantages.