UFC match overturned after the ref incorrectly interpreted a submission attempt

In a surprising turn of events at Noche UFC, Edgar Chairez’s victory was nullified due to a critical referee mistake during his flyweight clash with Daniel Lacerda on September 16, 2023.

Edgar Chairez believed he had defeated fellow flyweight Daniel Lacerda through submission. But the result was later reversed owing to a mistake by referee Chris Tognoni.

The much-anticipated flyweight showdown promised fireworks, but it began at a slow pace. Lacerda showcased his grappling prowess and eventually secured a well-executed double-leg takedown. Chairez exhibited commendable defense and promptly regained his footing when an opportunity presented itself. It was at this juncture that the bout veered into unexpected territory.

With determination, Lacerda lunged for another takedown. In a swift counter, Chairez skillfully cinched a standing anaconda choke along the cage. The hold seemed unyielding, yet Lacerda displayed remarkable resilience.

Just as UFC bantamweight commentator Dominick Cruz highlighted the importance of patience in potential stoppages, Lacerda’s arms appeared to look limp. This prompted referee Chris Tognoni to intervene without delay.

Surprisingly, Lacerda emerged from the break unscathed. This led viewers to sense that the referee may have acted prematurely.

Upon video review, it became evident that Tognoni had indeed acted hastily. He deprived Lacerda of the necessary time to counter Chairez’s submission maneuver. Consequently what initially appeared to be a submission win for Chairez was redefined as a No Contest, attributed to a referee error.

This unexpected turn of events serves as a poignant reminder of the pivotal role that refereeing decisions play in the outcome of high-stakes UFC clashes. It underscores the need for precision and discernment in officiating, as the slightest misjudgment can alter the course of match and the careers of the athletes involved.

Here are what fans have been saying about the decision:

“Lip arm, stuck against the fence, nothing moving. i could see why he stopped it. maybe he should have checked the arm again before calling it. #UFCNoche”

“If you’re gonna use instant replay, I say we restart the fight in the choke and go from there that way you don’t strip anybody of their potential win money”

“Worst ref in the game”

“That was a bad call. #NocheUFC”