WATCH: Rising MMA star secures victory with triangle armbar

n a thrilling display of mixed martial arts talent, an emerging prospect, Matheus Camilo, showcased his prowess by securing a spectacular victory with a triangle armbar submission.

The stage for this remarkable showdown was set by the Texas-based MMA promotion Fury Fighting Championship, which hosted Fury FC 83 on September 17 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Among the many exciting matchups featured at this event, the co-main event between Matheus Camilo and Dorian Ramos stood out as a fierce contest.

Right from the opening bell, Camilo and Ramos demonstrated their unwavering determination, engaging in a striking exchange that showcased their exceptional skills. However, it was in the realm of grappling that Camilo undeniably held the advantage, frequently asserting dominance over his opponent on the ground.

The intensity of their clash escalated with each passing round, culminating in a pivotal moment during the third round. Leveraging his exceptional Brazilian Jiu-JitsuĀ  skills, the 22-year-old Brazilian Camilo executed a masterful maneuver, ensnaring Ramos in a triangle armbar submission.

Yet, Ramos, a tenacious athlete, refused to yield easily. Despite the excruciating pressure, he tenaciously resisted tapping out. In an extraordinary display of resilience, Ramos managed to rise to his feet, leaving Camilo hanging onto the submission while choking him. Ramos then attempted to evade by rolling on the ground.

Nevertheless, Camilo demonstrated superior control and maintained his grip on Ramos, rendering his opponent virtually helpless. Faced with no alternative, Ramos eventually conceded defeat by tapping out, securing Camilo’s victory via a third-round submission.

Matheus Camilo’s trajectory in the world of professional MMA is undeniably promising. At just 22 years old, he has exhibited remarkable potential throughout his budding career. His professional journey commenced in 2019, and he has since compiled a commendable record of seven victories and two losses. Camilo is presently riding a four-fight winning streak, with his most recent triumph further solidifying his status as a rising star.

Camilo’s martial arts journey commenced at the renowned Brazilian gym Nova Uniao, where he received training under the guidance of Andre Pederneiras, alongside former UFC legend Jose Aldo. Subsequently, he relocated to Las Vegas, where he continues to hone his skills at Xtreme Couture.