WATCH: Grappling clash ends with a submission dubbed the ‘Thunderlock’

In a thrilling display of grappling mastery, a competitor at Enigma Invitational XII recently clinched victory in a Grand Prix event using an unconventional and rarely seen submission technique.

Enigma Invitational XII, a prestigious grappling tournament that transpired on September 16, showcased an array of talented and renowned grapplers. The event’s arena crackled with intensity as these athletes unveiled their distinctive styles and techniques on the mat.

Among the competitors, Maximilian Hanson, known as Max Hanson, emerged as a dominant force in the 170lb bracket. The 25-year-old Canadian exhibited remarkable prowess throughout the tournament, securing submission victories and ultimately ascending to the pinnacle of the event.

Hanson’s journey commenced with a decisive victory in his opening match against Zac Fallah, culminating in an armbar submission. In the quarter-finals, he faced a formidable opponent in Caleb Crump, and though the battle was fiercely contested, Hanson emerged victorious by executing a precise heel hook submission.

The semi-final saw Hanson locking horns with John Combs in a high-stakes confrontation. Despite encountering adversity during the bout, Hanson managed to seize Combs’ back and secured a rear-naked choke, forcing his opponent to submit.

Advancing to the final, Hanson squared off against Kieran Kichuk. While Hanson dominated the match for the most part, submitting Kichuk proved to be a formidable challenge. After persistent efforts, Hanson gained control of Kichuk’s back once more, intending to apply the rear-naked choke.

However, a twist in the tale occurred. As Kichuk attempted to escape, his left arm became ensnared behind his head. Recognizing this unexpected opportunity, Hanson capitalized by extending Kichuk’s arm further behind his head, resulting in an immediate tap-out from his opponent. This unconventional maneuver secured Max Hanson’s victory in the Enigma Grand Prix.

The unique submission executed by Hanson in the final captured the attention of grappling enthusiasts across social media platforms. The video clip of this remarkable feat quickly went viral, sparking debates among fans, with some identifying it as a shoulder lock and others speculating that it represented a variation of the thunderlock technique.

Combat sports analyst Luke Thomas even weighed in on the discussion, sharing an old clip from his YouTube channel in which he explored the possibility of a similar technique. The submission’s novelty and effectiveness have left the grappling community abuzz with excitement and intrigue.