Charles Jourdain guillotines Ricardo Ramos at UFC: Fiziev vs Gamrot

In an exhilarating start to the UFC Vegas 79 main card, Canadian featherweight sensation Charles Jourdain showcased his striking prowess as he secured a swift submission victory over Brazilian star Ricardo Ramos.

Jourdain had recently bounced back from a one-sided triumph over Kron Gracie, re-establishing himself as a formidable force in the division.

During Saturday’s showdown, Jourdain wasted no time, unleashing a powerful body kick that sent Ramos staggering backward. In response, Ramos targeted Jourdain’s legs with kicks before aiming high, highlighting the striking abilities of both competitors. Jourdain, exhibiting his versatility, closed the distance with a left hook, followed by a knee strike, ultimately transitioning into a guillotine choke as Ramos attempted a takedown.

Although Ramos managed to secure the takedown, he made an unsuccessful attempt at a Von Flue choke. Moments later, in the midst of a scramble, Ramos once again found himself ensnared in Jourdain’s tight guillotine. Despite his efforts to break free, Ramos ultimately succumbed to the submission, tapping out quickly and granting Jourdain his second consecutive victory.

This win provides “Air” Jourdain with some much-needed breathing space, as his back-to-back triumphs have effectively erased the memory of a two-fight skid. Additionally, he appears poised for a potential appearance at an upcoming Toronto card in early 2023.

Following the fight, Jourdain took a moment to reflect on his accomplishments, proudly noting that he holds the distinction of being both the youngest and most experienced Canadian on the UFC roster. While John Makdessi boasts more fights, this fact was notably overlooked in the UFC’s official broadcast. In a show of respect, Jourdain also extended a courteous callout to Cub Swanson, emphasizing the desire to treat Canadian fans to an enthralling battle between the “new school” and the “old school.”

Official Result: Charles Jourdain secures victory over Ricardo Ramos via submission (guillotine choke) in Round 1 at 3:12.