WATCH: MMA star finishes Ezekiel from the bottom

Ali Galimov pulled off a remarkable feat by executing a rare Ezekiel submission from the bottom to secure victory over his opponent.

The electrifying event unfolded at Universal Fighters League (UFL) during UFC 7, a major spectacle that captivated fans worldwide. This thrilling showdown occurred on September 23 in the city of Moscow, Russia, where both seasoned veterans and emerging talents showcased their skills.

One of the most captivating bouts of the evening featured a clash in the bantamweight division, where Ali Galimov squared off against Abdullayev in the main event. While both were relatively new to the professional mixed martial arts scene, their determination and ferocity inside the octagon left spectators in awe.

As the match commenced, the two combatants wasted no time engaging in a fierce and fast-paced exchange. Galimov, eager to take control, initiated several takedowns in a bid to bring the action to the mat. After a series of relentless attempts, Galimov finally succeeded in grounding his opponent.

However, Abdullayev responded swiftly by locking in a guillotine while managing to regain his footing. Galimov, displaying impressive resilience, managed to escape the chokehold, leading to another ground exchange following Abdullayev’s powerful body slam. It was during this sequence that Galimov expertly executed an Ezekiel from the bottom.

Despite being in a disadvantaged position at the bottom, Galimov tenaciously held onto the choke. Abdullayev, in an effort to free himself, attempted to reposition and maneuver his opponent. However, the choke remained locked in, constricting his neck with unyielding pressure. After a brief struggle, Abdullayev ceased to move.

It became evident that Abdullayev had lost consciousness, prompting the referee to intervene swiftly and signal Galimov to release the chokehold. As a result, Ali Galimov secured victory via a first-round submission.

The Ezekiel choke is considered a relatively rare submission in mixed martial arts, particularly when compared to more commonly employed techniques such as RNCs, arm triangles, or guillotines. This rarity is attributed to the challenges associated with executing the Ezekiel choke in MMA matches.