WATCH: UFC champion Alexander Volkanovski attempts to submit NBA Star Jamal Murray in under a minute

Jamal Murray is fresh off his triumphant championship season with the Denver Nuggets.

He has added yet another remarkable feat to his impressive resume. A recent video showcased Murray alongside none other than the UFC Featherweight Champion, Alexander Volkanovski.

In this intriguing footage, Murray managed to ‘outlast’ Volkanovski in a unique challenge.

It’s important to highlight Volkanovski’s esteemed status as the reigning featherweight titleholder and his remarkable No.2 ranking on the UFC pound-for-pound list. Since securing the title with a dominant victory over Max Holloway in 2019, Volkanovski has successfully defended his championship on five occasions.

In the widely discussed video, Murray and Volkanovski engaged in a captivating challenge. The UFC champion eagerly accepted the challenge, aiming to submit Murray within a tight 60-second window. Given Volkanovski’s caliber, this task should have been relatively straightforward, especially considering Jamal Murray’s lack of significant MMA or grappling training.

However, despite a valiant effort, including a last-ditch guillotine attempt, Volkanovski was unable to make Murray submit within the allotted time frame.

This unexpected turn of events can undoubtedly be seen as a victory for Jamal Murray. Resisting submission attempts from a MMA champion as accomplished as Alexander Volkanovski is a remarkable achievement, particularly for an athlete with no formal background in mixed martial arts.

After watching the video, it’s fair to say that Murray unquestionably ‘outlasted’ Alexander Volkanovski in this unique challenge.

Furthermore, it’s no surprise to witness Volkanovski associating with Murray. The UFC champion has openly expressed his allegiance to the Denver Nuggets. During an interview with Daniel Cormier, a former UFC light-heavyweight and heavyweight champion, Volkanovski proudly declared his support for the Nuggets.

Perhaps, the opportunity to meet a star from his favorite NBA team was simply too enticing to pass up, even for one of the most dominant MMA champions on the planet.