WATCH: Craig Jones submits infamous Alex Jones in viral segment

The controversial conspiracy theorist and alt-right radio host, Alex Jones, found himself in a submission administered by Australian grappler and Brazilian jiu-jitsu champ, Craig Jones. This unique encounter took place during Alex’s appearance on Craig’s ‘El Segundo Podcast.’

For Alex, this moment fulfilled a long-standing desire – to experience a martial arts submission from a world champion caliber star. His wish, initially expressed during a 2019 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast with Eddie Bravo, had remained unfulfilled until now.

In a video shared on Craig’s Instagram, Alex can be heard saying, “Eddie Bravo wouldn’t do it, come choke me out. Come on, come do it. Wide shot. Here we go. I’m a lights-out. Take a little snoozy.” As Craig’s grip tightened, Alex’s physical response was visible, with frothing at the mouth preceding him passing out with his eyes open.

Upon regaining consciousness, Alex was visibly startled, seemingly unaware that he had briefly lost consciousness. His bewildered inquiry, “What? What did I just do? What was I just doing? Did I actually pass out? Huh? I did pass out? Did you really do it? What was I like when I came back?” captured the astonishment of this unusual encounter.

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, Craig began his BJJ journey in 2016 at his cousin’s academy. He has since achieved numerous accolades, including being an IBJJF world No-Gi Brazilian jiu-jitsu champion, a two-time ADCC Submission Wrestling World Championship silver medalist, and a three-time Polaris Pro Grappling champion.

While the video of Alex Jones being submitted by Craig Jones may come across as an unusual spectacle, it’s essential to recognize the context surrounding it. Alex Jones has faced considerable legal and financial challenges, particularly regarding the Sandy Hook school incident. Families of those affected have won nearly $1.5 billion in lawsuits against him for repeatedly promoting false theories that the tragedy was a hoax.

Despite these legal battles, Jones has maintained an extravagant lifestyle, which has been a source of controversy. His personal expenses have drawn scrutiny, with concerns raised by the families trying to collect the judgments against him. Jones has defended his spending habits, even as he navigates bankruptcy proceedings.