WATCH: When Dillon Danis competed and wouldn’t quit even though his arm was broken

Dillon Danis, once hailed as a jiu-jitsu prodigy, finds himself in a different spotlight today. Known for his remarkable grappling skills, Danis has been noticeably absent from the mats since 2019, primarily due to two knee reconstructions, with the first one being rejected by his body, causing a significant setback in his career.

During his hiatus from competition, Danis has ventured into the world of cryptocurrency promotions online, leveraging his reputation as a formidable trash talker. In terms of social media following, Danis ranks among the most prominent figures in the grappling world, on par with the likes of Gordon Ryan and Mackenzie Dern.

Yet, beneath the persona, Danis boasts a genuinely commendable background in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He honed his skills at the renowned Marcelo Garcia academy, establishing himself as a resilient and determined grappler.

Danis gained widespread recognition in the BJJ community in 2014 during his brown belt campaign, impressing spectators with his captivating performances in some of the sport’s most challenging tournaments. His aggressive style and relentless drive set him apart. In 2016, Danis’s accomplishments led to an interesting turn in his career as Irish MMA fighter and UFC superstar Conor McGregor enlisted his services as a grappling coach for the UFC 202 event, where McGregor faced Nate Diaz in a highly anticipated rematch.

One of the defining moments of Danis’s career came in the same year when he competed at Copa Podio. In a match against Diego Borges, Danis displayed incredible resilience by continuing to fight despite sustaining a visibly broken arm, which hung limp by his side.

Recently, Danis generated some buzz when he suggested he might step back from his rapid-fire posting on social media. However, he clarified that it was merely a brief hiatus from posting.

As for his upcoming boxing match against Logan Paul, doubts emerged about whether Danis would follow through. Logan Paul addressed these concerns during an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, expressing confidence that the event would indeed happen.

“If he does end up pulling out and he can’t prove an injury, he’ll have to pay me $100k. He’ll never have a platform again, no fighting organization, no sponsor will ever want to work with him again because he’s essentially just a liar,” Logan continued. “He has to show up.”


Dillon Danis’s journey from a BJJ sensation to an online personality reflects the evolving landscape of combat sports, where athletes combine their fighting prowess with digital prominence.